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AWinware introduces one of the most elegant tool Pdf Watermark Software, allows users to stamp watermarking on bulk Adobe pdf files. Its configuration settings make this tool more powerful, easy to handle and configure functionalities. Under the hood, AWinware Pdf Watermark software offers preview option of each applied settings. Tool helps in stamping text based watermark on all pages. You can choose the pages which you wish to have watermark applied. Tool adds watermark on all pages, odd pages, even pages, first page, last page or on each specified pages like 4, 6, 12-17, 28…etc.
Pdf Watermark Software
This advance and robust desktop application is affixed with the option to use macro to use the tool as pdf bates numbered i.e. helps in adding page number on each pages either at page header or at footer.
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arrow More about AWinware Pdf Watermark Software:
Apart from this, Macro also provides option to stamp File name, Registered (R), Copyright ©, Trademark ™, Pdf Title, Pdf Author, Pdf Subject and Pdf Keywords. In fact, the current date time can also be stamped on selected pages using our advanced solution. Various configurable settings available in AWinware Pdf Watermark Software including watermark text font name selection, font style selection from Regular, Italic, Bold, BoldItalic, text underline option selection and font size settings. Various customization options help in customizing text appearance by setting position, color, rotation and transparency etc. Furthermore, Pdf watermark software also offers option to set margins from all the four sides, top, bottom, left and right. Watermark can be added beneath every element of pdf file as well as above the elements of pdf file.
Powerful some key features of the tool functions:

1. Render watermark above pdf page elements as well as behind the page elements.
2. Add watermark on all, odd, even or specified pages.
3. Option to choose the color of text watermark.
4. Select macro to stamp page number, file name, copyright, register or trademark symbols.
5. Support processing bulk Adobe pdf files for stamping watermarks.
6. Option to configure the watermark transparency.
7. Rotate the selected watermark at any angle between -259 to 359 degree.
8. Embed the selected font with pdf file to display the watermark correctly on other PC if font is not installed.
9. Support of standard pdf fonts as well as system installed fonts. All standard fonts are Courier, CourierBold, CourierBoldOblique, CourierOblique, Helvetica, HelveticaBold, HelveticaBoldOblique, HelveticaOblique, TimesRoman, TimesBold, TimesItalic, TimesBoldItalic, Symbol, ZapfDingbats.
10. Set watermark margins from the pdf border edges in all four direction, top, bottom, left and right.
11. Three watermark render modes are used by the tool, Fill, Stroke and Fill and Stroke. For stroke mode, pen color and size can be selected.

Easy to use
1. Pdf Watermark software is very easy in use, support multiple pdf files watermarking in a single go.
2. Newer version is available with added support of Preview Window to see the watermark on page before applying actual watermark.
Download Free PDF Watermark Evaluation Version - Fast and Easy to Use.
Pdf Watermark software
Version:, Size: 2.2 MB
Supported Platforms:
XP/2003/Vista/Win 7/Win 8

PDF Watermark free download
arrow AWinware pdf watermark software does not contain Spyware or Adware. Downloading and installation of this tool is fast and safe to use.
arrow Tool is made compatible with all versions of Adobe Pdf files.
arrow Free Evaluation version:
Free evaluation version stamps watermark on all the pages without any restriction at all, but add some extra text string on pdf pages to make it as trial version. Demo version is provided to test the compatibility of product with your Windows version.
arrow Guarantees
AWinware Pdf Watermark is 100% clean and safe to use. Tool does not install any other plug-ins. Purchasing the software online is 100% risk free via secure server. Your personal information is secure with us.
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